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published on September 9, 2021 - 2:15 PM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

The City of Fresno announced the preliminary approvals for cannabis retail businesses in the city.

On Wednesday, the Office of Cannabis Oversight released a document listing 21 cannabis permits given preliminary approval for retail store fronts.

The announcement comes after the city unveiled the first three retail permits granted under the social equity process. Qualifications include having a past conviction for a cannabis crime or having an immediate family member with a past conviction and meeting low income criteria.

Here are the three businesses for each district that received preliminary awards this week, along with details of their proposed locations.


District 1

Fresno Canna Co. Dispensary–3257 W Shaw Ave #109, 93711

1261 Wishon OPCO LLC—1264 North Wishon Blvd, 93728         

The Artist Tree—1426 N Van Ness Ave, 93728


District 2

Traditional Fresno ME LLC—6926 N Weber Ave, 93722

7315 Blackstone OPCO—7315 N Blackstone Ave, 93650

The Artist Tree—7835 North Palm Ave, STE 102, 93711


District 3

Viola Fresno—755 Van Ness Ave, 93721

Haven #20 LLC—335 W Olive Ave, 93728

Public Cannabis (Fresno Verde Public Inc)—1220 E Olive Ave, 93728


District 4

5048 Blackstone OPCO—5048 N Blackstone Ave, 93710

Infinity Assets Fresno—618 E Shaw Ave, 93710

Higher Level of Care—4795 N Blackstone Ave, 93726


District 5

Culture Cannabis Club—2590 S Maple Ave, STE 103-104, 93725

Fresno Farms—3849 E Ventura St, 93702

Element 7 Fresno LLC—4846 E Kings Canyon Rd., 93702


District 6

Roeding Leaf Inc—207 E Sierra Ave, 93710

Authentic Fresno—6929 N Willow Ave, STE 103-104, 93710

Culture Cannabis Club, 314 E Bullard—93710    


District 7

Haven #1 LLC—1704 E Belmont Ave, 93701

Embarc Fresno—4592 North Blackstone Ave STE 103, Olive Ave, 93726

Sweet Flower Fresno—3150 E Olive Ave, 93702



Fresno names its first cannabis permit awardees

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