published on February 18, 2019 - 1:23 PM
Written by Donald A. Promnitz

A Fresno law firm will cease to exist after its lawyers join a larger local firm.

According to Marvin T. Helon, managing partner for Helon & Manfredo, LLP, he and his two fellow attorneys will be joining the 35-attorney roster of Baker, Manock & Jensen, Fresno’s third-largest law firm. A third attorney, sole practitioner and former partner with Perkins, Mann & Everett Jerry Mann, will also be joining the team.

The reason, he said, is due to a strong relationship with Baker, Manock & Jensen, and access to valuable resources such a transition can provide.

“It’s a good move for us,” Helon said. “We’ve had a lot of time and a lot of clients, and having a lot of resources can help a lot with your clients.”

Helon & Manfredo traces its origins back to 1948 when Helon’s father, Marvin E. Helon, partnered up with Clovis City Attorney Nick Dubsick. In 1961, Helon partnered with Manfredo, creating the current association.

At Baker, Manock & Jensen, Helon will be focusing on law concerning business and estate planning, real estate transactions and trust administration.

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