published on March 15, 2017 - 5:25 AM
Written by The Business Journal Staff
Boutique fitness studio FIT36 is slated to open its first Central Valley location April 10 in north Fresno at Willow and Nees avenues.


The Colorado-based chain FIT36 features a 36-minute workout that zeros in on three types of training: strength, athletic and endurance. FIT36 is currently expanding to grow from six studios nationwide to 14 by this summer.

Andre Nestle, a local trainer who will serve as manager of the Fresno FIT36, said the element that makes the boutique unique is that each person is attached to a heart monitor that displays their heart rate live on a big screen in the studio to keep them motivated toward working up to their optimum calorie-burn mode.

“The heart rate monitor is one of the big things that separates us from a regular gym,” Nestle said. “Other trainers can’t tell you for sure how many calories you’ve burned, but at FIT36 we provide specific results and you can track them throughout the workout so you can push harder to get to a higher intensity zone without pushing too hard.”

Nestle said the workouts differ from what is offered currently in Fresno at big box gyms and at existing fitness studios that focus on CrossFit. While FIT36 uses some of the same equipment as CrossFit, such as kettle balls, and techniques such as circuit style training, he said FIT36 is more efficient as trainers ensure people are using the equipment and techniques properly. The 36-minute workout is not only efficient for fitness, Nestle added, but also efficient on time, giving busy people an opportunity to get a full impact workout in less than an hour.

“Between the heart rate monitor and the quick 36-minute well-rounded workout, it just can’t be beat,” Nestle said.

The Fresno location will be the second FIT36 in California. There is currently one in Cupertino. Two other California locations, one in Rocklin and one in Folsom, are expected to open before the summer season.

Fresno franchise owner Rachelle Wickliffe said both she and Nestle live in Fresno and wanted to bring a unique workout experience to the area.

“Fresno has nothing like this,” she said. “We wanted to open a fitness studio here and after researching different opportunities, we fell in love with FIT36 because of the heart monitor and the type of training it provides. It’s efficient and it works and we felt Fresno could use something like it”

Each class accommodates up to 24 people who reserve their spot via app, online or by calling in to schedule.

Initially, seven classes a day will be hosted Monday through Thursday at various times, with some additional classes on Saturdays and Sundays.

Wickliffe said she is unsure how many trainers will be on staff, but she estimates five or six different instructors will be teaching the classes.

“It’s important for a few instructors to take on the majority of classes because people like certain instructors for certain times because they like their particular routine or structure,” Wickliffe said. “As it gets bigger and we have more people coming to the classes, we will see if we need more and what style people like.”

Drop-in rates for each class are $25 but there are several packages available. A four-pack of classes is $59, an eight-pack is regularly $99 and an unlimited month membership is $149. Those interested in purchasing a package prior to the FIT36 grand opening can get an eight-pack or unlimited membership at a discounted rate of $79 for the eight-pack and $119 for the unlimited month membership. Those who wait until opening day to try the workout before buying a package can still get a grand opening discount through May 10. The grand opening discount is $89 for an eight-pack and $139 for an unlimited month membership.

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