published on November 19, 2019 - 1:35 PM
Written by Gordon Webster, Jr.

A recent California Chamber of Commerce poll reveals that state voters are an anxious lot.

Their concerns speak to the very foundation of what makes people safe and secure in their everyday lives, and should serve as a warning for people who care about the future of California.

According to the poll, titled “The People’s Voice, 2019,” the erosion of public order is at the top of mind for voters.

Half of voters say they see homeless people on the street more than five times a week, and three out of four say homelessness has gotten worse in California. Two out of three say it has gotten worse in their own community.

Frustration has grown to the point that 62% of voters put the responsibility of solving the homelessness problem on state officials, compared to local officials at 38%.

There is also growing unease with public safety. Seventy-three percent agree that street crime, shoplifting and car theft have become rampant in California, and 60% agree with the statement, “I no longer feel safe because of the danger and disorder in society today.”

Many of these problems have been exacerbated by public policy in California, especially measures that have lessened the penalties facing criminals. My question is, what’s the point of pushing California toward this idealized progressive utopia if people are too afraid to live here?

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