published on October 12, 2021 - 9:37 AM
Written by Gordon Webster, Jr.

California’s legislative year came to an end Sunday with Gov. Gavin Newsom clearing out the last remaining bills on his desk.

Final verdict: It could have been worse when it comes to legislation affecting small business. Of 25 “job killer” bills identified by the California Chamber of Commerce, only one was signed into law. Newsom signed 22 bills supported by and vetoed five bills opposed by the CalChamber.

Two job killers made it to Newsom this year. He vetoed the one that would have impacted the Central Valley the most — a bill that would have mostly eliminated secret ballots for union representation on California farms.

He signed SB 62, which eliminates piece rate as a method of payment in the garment industry, makes it easier to sue for wage violations up the entire supply chain and limits an employer’s ability to defend against alleged wage violations.

The signing of SB 62 adds a significant burden to non-unionized employers in the garment industry, according to the CalChamber.

Be sure to see the Oct. 15 print edition of The Business Journal to read about legislation that was signed that will touch Central Valley small businesses.

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