hannah serimian

Hannah Serimian of Fresno developed the Boxy Girl organizer with her father, Dan Chapman, in 2015. Image contributed by Boxy Girl

published on January 11, 2018 - 10:44 AM
Written by Gabriel Dillard

A Fresno product development team can add one more feather to their caps — U.S. design patent holders.

In 2015, Hannah Serimian, along with her father, Dan Chapman, created the Boxy Girl organizer with the goal of revolutionizing the beauty organization industry.

Since then, the product has been featured by the likes of reality star Kylie Jenner and People Magazine. After a three-year application process and review, Boxy Girl has acquired the design patents for the “4-stack and single stack without-lid organizer.”

“It’s a privilege to be able to dream of creating something and to go through the process of manifesting that idea into an actual, physical product and share it with not only my community, but customers all over the world,” Serimian said in a statement.

“To be so well received and have customers fall in love with Boxy Girl, and to also be recognized by the U.S. government to officially be issued two Designs Patents on my products that my father and I designed is a huge honor. Being able to pass that legacy on to my children and share that experience with my father is not something that happens to someone everyday.”

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