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published on May 2, 2019 - 2:21 PM
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T-Mobile has released the findings of an independent economic analysis on the company’s plans to build a new Customer Experience Center (CEC) in Kingsburg, pending the completion of its merger with Sprint.

Along with the creation of about 1,000 direct new jobs in Fresno County, there will be hundreds more indirect jobs created, for a total estimated infusion of 1,500 positions. The study conducted by Berkeley Research Group (BRG) also found that the new CEC would contribute at least $89 million to the economy of Fresno County.

Other key findings of BRG’s analysis on the New T-Mobile’s investment project conclude that it will directly and indirectly contribute:

— Up to 1,542 jobs and $89-$105 million to the Fresno County Economy

— Up to 1,671 jobs and $104-$122 million to the California economy as a whole

— $7-$8 million in tax revenues for the cities and counties in the Central Valley

T-Mobile’s average wage is estimated to be 34% higher than the average pay rate in the Central Valley and 51% higher than the average pay rate in Fresno County.

Along with higher than average pay rates, the CEC’s lease, utility, and expenditures including janitorial and repair services, office supplies, shipping supplies, cafeteria subsidy and other miscellaneous costs total $4 million, annually.


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