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Steve Forbes spoke at the inaugural 21st Century Business Forum, co-hosted by The Business Journal.

published on January 13, 2021 - 2:20 PM
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The debut episode of a new webinar series started strong with a media giant and former U.S. Presidential candidate.

On Wednesday, the 21st Century Business Forum streamed kicked things off with Forbes Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes. Sponsored by Suncrest Bank in Vsialia and hosted in part by The Business Journal, the Forum had Forbes speak for just over a half-hour on what trends he sees developing in 2021 and what entrepreneurs and customers alike should look out for.

He also predicted that Congress and incoming Pres. Joe Biden would agree on one more Covid stimulus package.

“It should be called a relief package,” Forbes said. “It’s really dealing with a disaster.”

During the forum, Forbes said that he expects the economy to pick up and grow, but explained that success would still come with personal sacrifice.

“We live in an environment where you can either sleep well or eat well, but you can’t do both,” Forbes said.

Still he said that sound decisions were starting to be made across the country, citing the rent control and gig worker independence measures that recently appeared on California ballots.

Forbes also encouraged investment, but warned against panic.

“Emotions are your enemy, he said.

The free 21st Century Business Forum will be held on the second Wednesday of each month.

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