published on January 27, 2017 - 9:58 AM
Written by The Business Journal Staff
RIDE54, which officially opens its doors Monday, celebrated its upcoming grand opening with a ribbon cutting and open house Jan. 26.


“This has been a year in the half in the works,” said Layne Lev, a Fresno local who founded the business RIDE54 with his wife Melissa. “It all came about because Melissa and I were big fans of this type of studio and they didn’t have one here. We got tired of waiting and decided to make one and here we are.”

Self-described as “part theater, part night club and part sanctuary,” the boutique fitness studio features indoor cycling and strength training. Cycling classes offer low-impact aerobic workouts suitable for those at different fitness levels and the ride styles range from rhythm rides, which incorporate choreography and pulse pounding playlists, to performance rides that are more true to outdoor cycling. The TRX suspension strength training classes also appeal to those at all fitness levels.

“Each class really comes together as a community,” Lev said. “In the rhythm classes, we ride together to the beat of the music and you can just lose yourself in the experience. The custom theater lighting can be adjusted to complement each instructor’s individual playlist and choreography, and it really is about the instructors—they’re professional, have phenomenal training and are incredibly motivating.”

During the ribbon cutting, Lev gave credit to the instructors and other RIDE54 staff members that have been hard at work preparing for Monday’s grand opening.

“Everyone you see here has already put in hundreds and hundreds of hours of their time to make this happen,” Lev said. “It might have started with Melissa and I, but the people here have taken this and made it what it is now.”

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