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In the Fresno metro area, 57.1% of remote workers are women, compared to 50.3% in the Western U.S. Photo by Windows on unasplash.com

published on June 10, 2024 - 2:13 PM
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A new report seeks to better understand the remote workforce in the Western U.S., and when it comes to Fresno, women are the majority.

That’s just one of the insights in the report from the Coworking Mag website exploring demographics, income, education and more of employees located outside the office, according to Census data.

About 17% of the Western U.S. workforce is remote, with Millennials comprising the largest share at 40%. The 40% figure tracks with Fresno’s Millennial remote workforce, with 33.2% in Generation X.

Some 11.3% of the Fresno metro area’s workforce age 16 and over works remotely.  Of this share, 57.1% are female, compared to 50.3% in the Western U.S.

In terms of specific industries, 24.1% of the total remote workforce here operates in the educational and health care services — representing the largest share among the Western MSAs analyzed — while 16.5% are present in the professional and business industries.

About 25.7% of Fresno’s remote workforce makes $75,000 or more per year, compared to 49% in the West.

More than a third of the remote workforce in the Fresno metro — or, more precisely, 37.2% of the total — have a bachelor’s degree or above, while another sizable portion, 35.4%, have an associate’s degree or have completed some college

The West has the largest concentration of remote workers, likely influenced by the prevalence of large, business-oriented coastal metros and giant tech companies in the region, according to Coworking Mag.

Some metro areas go well above that. For instance, in San Francisco and Seattle, the share of remote workers reaches 27% and 25%, respectively. Conversely, in two California metros — Bakersfield and Modesto — telecommuters account for only 7%.

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