published on March 21, 2017 - 10:25 AM
Written by The Business Journal Staff
National Raisin Co. in Fowler announced it has built an online portal for consumers to purchase directly one of its newest innovations — the Raisel.


Also known as the “Sourlicious Golden Raisins,” Raisels are sour, fruit-flavored golden raisins sprinkled with sugar in all-natural flavors including Watermelon Shock, Fruit Splash, Orange Burst and Lemon blast.

Raisels have been distributed in schools throughout the country since 2012. The online portal is in response to high demand, according to the raisin processor, which was founded in 1969.

“We are so excited to finally launch our online store,” said LindaKay Abdulian, CEO of National Raisin Company. “We receive requests from families across the country every day who eat Raisels at school and want to purchase them. It’s a healthy alternative to gummy fruit snacks and other candies.”

The snacks can be purchased in variety pack boxes featuring three flavors, ranging in price from $17-$24.

Visit for more information.

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