Charles Connections

Charles Harris, 18, has formed his own marketing and PR firm, and intends to keep working as he starts college.

published on August 9, 2017 - 12:02 PM
Written by Bridget Butler-Sullivan

Local entrepreneur Charles Harris is gaining business day-by-day for his Clovis-based digital marketing and PR firm — at the age of only 18.

The firm, Charles Connections, began in 2015 during Harris’ social media internship at JP Marketing. He was a junior in high school at the time, and through Fresno’s Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!), had just won the Local Investors Panel for CEAL Clothing with his partner, Emily Laing.

According to Harris, it was during these ventures that he realized his drive for marketing and PR. “It made me realize, ‘Wow. This is something I really love doing.’”

Since its opening, Charles Connections has worked with multiple big names, State Farm being one of the two accounts he works with staffers Andrew Hagopian and Morgan Dawson. Depending on what the client is looking for in terms of social media, public relations, web development and design, the team makes between $300-$1,000 per project — numbers which will likely rise as the company expands, Harris said.

As described on the website, Charles Connections seeks to successfully connect clients to consumers through viable digital marketing platforms. Charles expanded on this description in person, saying that his goal for the business is to one day bring in other students as interns with skills like his and the staff. “I want to give them the same opportunity I had through the years” he said.

The firm is entirely digital as of now, however Harris commented that he would like to make a local office here in Fresno as the company grows. “It was slow at first, but the company is really starting to pick up in 2017,” he said. In the future, he hopes to create locations in both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Harris will be attending San Francisco State University in the fall, where he will be studying business administration and marketing. As of now, he works approximately 16-17 hours per week for his company. While at school, he intends to continue the work along with his studies.

Harris has been familiar with entrepreneurship his entire life. His father owns Harris LLC, a local construction company, while his grandmother owns a daycare that he previously worked for. The young entrepreneur has a culmination of what he referred to as “business blood,” as well as a set of leadership skills taken from his mother, the vice president of Reedley College

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