David and Rachel Reed with Assured Senior Living Solutions

David and Rachel Reed, co-owners of Clovis-based Assured Senior Living Solutions, aim to ease the process of selecting an assisted living facility with their free referral service.

published on August 9, 2022 - 4:17 PM
Written by Ben Hensley

With more than 810,000 people residing in nearly 30,000 assisted living facilities nationwide, choosing the right care service for elderly family members can be confusing and challenging.

David and Rachel Reed, co-owners of Clovis-based Assured Senior Living Solutions, aim to ease the process of selecting an assisted living facility — whether for seniors or families.

Opened in 2017, Assured Senior Living Solutions does not charge clients for its referrals, and carries a clause that also forbids senior housing facilities from charging a third-party finder’s fee to their clients.

“Moving into senior care doesn’t just affect the resident; it affects the whole family,” David said. “We try to get as much information as we can, try to digest that information, and then give a couple good, viable care options to the family.”

According to David and Rachel, the process helps alleviate the stress for many families.

The couple has experience in social work and senior care, with Rachel having been through the process herself.

“We’ve been through it personally,” she said. “Watching the [memory] decline and realizing she can’t live here anymore — that whole process — we’ve experienced it. That’s also been very helpful and motivating to us.”

The couple says the main benefit of working with Assured Senior Living Solutions is the reduction of stress on families searching for options. The company works closely with community care licensing, which does inspections at assisted living communities, giving the company the insight of how the state views their business and license status.

“We’re with a majority of licensed facilities,” Rachel said. “We make regular attempts at updating our contacts.”

She added that oftentimes, assisted living facilities approach them, requesting to be placed on their client list. The facilities are toured by the company prior to being contracted.

“We actually have a contract that we sign together going over our agreements and confidentiality and the fact that they won’t charge the families for our referral fee,” Rachel said. 

The goal is to find an appropriate fit for an individual’s financial, social and health needs during the first search, therefore easing the process for the family they are working with.

Recently, Assured Senior Living Solutions opened a second location in Bakersfield, and plans to expand to at least five other locations throughout California.

The move to Bakersfield was influenced by David having grown up in the area. The company, however, also provides services from Merced County all the way down to Kern.

“There’s not as many options in the smaller communities, but we’re still able to help families get connected,” Rachel said.

Along with assisted living, the company also assists in sourcing in-home care and alternatives to full-service, in-house living.

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