published on March 6, 2017 - 4:58 AM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

Leadership Fresno’s Class 33 has announced its project that aims to support programs to help the homeless.

The educational campaign is called Real Change Fresno. It seeks to educate residents to no longer give money or other resources to panhandlers, but to support organizations “that are better equipped to provide real change for the homeless,” according to a news release.

“Your seemingly good deed of handing out a dollar, buying some food, seems at the time a very good idea because you’re helping that one subject” said Fresno Police Officer Robert Dewey said in a statement. “Unfortunately, I think the reality is that you are simply enabling that person to stay on the street a little bit longer.”

Organizations the campaign recommends for supporting the homeless include Catholic Charities, Fresno First Steps Home, Fresno Rescue Mission, Poverello House and Salvation Army.

The campaign includes a pledge:

I pledge to stop giving in a way that could hurt
I pledge to give in a way that actually helps.
I pledge to support real change in Fresno.

It includes a tour of facilities that are set up to help the homeless in Fresno.

Leadership Fresno is a program of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce “to enhance the skills, resources and civic involvement of business leaders in the community,” according to a news release.

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