International Green Industry Hall of Fame founder Sam Geil (center) stands with inductee Michael Ben-Eli of Sustainability Labs and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Jim Kor of Kor ecologic. The hall of fame’s next induction ceremony will be held at the Clovis Veteran’s Memorial District on Oct. 6. Courtesy of the International Green Industry Hall of Fame

published on October 2, 2017 - 12:41 PM
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Several businesses and individuals are set to be honored for their contributions to the environment at a ceremony in Clovis Oct. 5.

The ceremony — which will be held at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District — will be to induct nine nominees into the International Green Industry Hall of Fame. Headed by Sam Geil, a business management consultant, the hall of fame is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting environmental conservation in business.

“Our mission is to recognize excellence in the green industry and create an educational platform for the general public,” Geil said, “so people can come and learn about these great organizations and what they do, and especially students.”

The event will also include several guest speakers. Among them will be climatologist Michael E. Mann, professor of atmospheric science at Penn State.

There are 35 semi-finalists who were whittled down as part of the hall of fame’s selection process. Each candidate, having been nominated online by the public, was then vetted and narrowed down to the nine honorees that will be inducted.

Those companies and individuals who are added will receive a plaque and certificate. They are further given a lifetime membership in the International Green Industry Hall of Fame.

One company to be previously honored is Sunrun. Based in San Francisco, it is the largest dedicated residential solar company in the United States. Sunrun was inducted during the 2014 season for innovating the power purchase agreement in the solar industry, which sees the installment of solar energy systems at little to no cost to the customer.

“Being inducted into the International Green Industry Hall of Fame was a huge accomplishment for the company,” said Michael Gallagher, metro market leader and regional sales director for Sunrun in Fresno. “It helped solidify our place in history as a pioneer in the solar energy industry.”

Gallagher stated that the induction has further helped in the business as well, citing it as a checkpoint achievement for them. This includes benefits to their operations in the Valley.

“This is a worldwide organization that is dedicated to the companies and individuals that are dedicated to environmental stewardship,” Gallagher said of the hall of fame. “This has enabled us locally in the Central Valley to show additional credibility in addition to accomplishments and partnerships that the company has already made.”

Along with the ceremony, the International Green Industry Hall of Fame will be holding the Student Environmental Leadership Summit on Oct. 5.

As for the organization itself, it is entirely online, but Geil said that the hall of fame has plans for growth.

“Our next phase of the vision is to have our own location, our own building, our own address,” Geil said. “We’re hoping we can do that here in the Central Valley.”

For more information, visit gogreenhall.org.

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