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Gurbir Samran

published on November 5, 2013 - 12:11 AM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

Gurbir Samran

Marketing and Sales Manager
Roadrunner Advertising

How did you get involved in advertising, Gurbir?

Initially my main career path was agriculture.  However, once I began speaking with different businesses within the agricultural industry, I became aware of the demand for effective marketing.  I developed the idea for mobile billboards as I was enrolled in my different marketing classes at Fresno State and brainstormed with my professors to start my own business.
My experience in agriculture has been extremely helpful in guiding me through the marketing business. Agriculture, like marketing, is an industry that revolves around relationship building.  
I quickly became aware that building and maintaining relationships, which leads to increased trust and confidence, is the key to business.  The favorite part of my job is not being confined to sitting behind a desk.  
As I expand our business, I am able to meet new people and build new relationships.  This is the most rewarding aspect of my job.  


What is different about your agency or the way it operates, Gurbir?

Our agency is designed to distinguish itself from the typical marketing agencies by offering a new channel of advertising and services that a typical agency might not provide.  Not only do we offer mobile billboards, but we also offer GPS tracking and QR codes.  
The GPS tracking data allows businesses to track where potential clients and customers may be responding from while determining potential expansion markets.  The QR codes we offer allow us to direct traffic to social media or websites that businesses want clients to visit.

How important is it to maintain long-term clients, Gurbir?

It is very important to maintain long-term clients, as it is a good practice in customer service.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship as long-term clients get the trust and confidence involved with a partnership as opposed to feeling like clients.  At the same time, our firm gets the benefit of being allowed to hone our customer service skills and attention to detail.

What is your key business strategy, Gurbir?

Our strategy is to reach multiple demographics and target audiences while being cost efficient and maximizing daily impressions.

What was the best business advice you received, Gurbir?

The best business advice I received was from my mom who instilled a strong work ethic in me.  She has always advised me that strong work is the key to success with any business or industry and to think long-term, and not be near sighted.  

What was your first job, Gurbir?

Working on the family farm with my siblings.  This was not a traditional first job as I was working to help support my family at a very young age.  

What do you do in your spare time, Gurbir?

I enjoy exercising and am active in a variety of sports including racquetball and basketball.  I also enjoy traveling to Northern and Southern California as it offers a diversity of sightseeing and activities.  
One of my passions is performing Bhangra, which is a traditional Punjabi dance.  Not only is this great enjoyment, but it allows me to stay in touch with my roots and culture.

How does your agency give back to the community it serves, Gurbir?

We have an internship program with Fresno State where soon to be or recent graduates are able to intern at our office to utilize what they have learned in class.  Not only does this enable students to gain real life experience, but it gives us the opportunity to share some of our skills and pass them forward to the next generation.

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