Rep. Devin Nunes

Rep. Devin Nunes

published on December 19, 2017 - 12:20 PM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

Americans for Limited Government, a group that advocates to prevent the continued expansion of government, has named Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) its Congressman of the Year.

“Devin Nunes has shown unique courage in exercising Congress’ Article I oversight responsibilities of the executive branch,” said Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, in a statement.

“His willingness to ask the tough questions and challenge assumptions about the politicization of the intelligence community by the Obama administration in 2016 has opened the door to honest discussions about the abuse of power by these agencies. Nunes’ willingness to be subjected to fake ethics charges as payback for exposing the unmasking of Trump campaign and transition officials in 2016 by the Obama administration for political purposes ended the charade of a blindfolded justice system and highlighted the need for reform. Nunes’ leadership stands in sharp contrast to his Senate counterpart who has appeared to be more interested in friendly New York Times and MSNBC headlines than in getting to the truth.

“For exhibiting the courage and toughness to fight to uncover the truth against the lethal combination of the administrative state and the dominant media culture, Americans for Limited Government is proud to name Devin Nunes Congressman of the Year. Nunes exposed the deep state.”

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