published on May 1, 2018 - 1:50 PM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

Fresno City College has partnered with the Building Trades Council for the training of community college students in apprenticeships.

A ten-year agreement will provide the needed levels of trained individuals for the local workforce and will support FCC students that were not accepted into a Union Apprenticeship program.

The initiative, which is expected to begin during the 2018 fall semester in August, aims to create pathways to apprenticeship education and skill training for community college students whose post-secondary education begins at the community college level and completed with union apprenticeship programming.

Through this initiative, support for students will include safety and technical skills training, pre-employment training, and career counseling in order to provide students with the best chance for success on the Union Entrance Exams and interviews throughout the Apprenticeship Admission process.

“I am happy that our college faculty members in the Applied Technology Division worked with the Union Trades leadership to reach this milestone agreement,” said Dr. Carole Goldsmith, Fresno City College President. “This is a historic partnership for our college and I appreciate all the time and effort that was invested to ensure that future generations of skilled workers will have access to better paying jobs in the Central Valley.”

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