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Darin Adcock

published on June 28, 2013 - 6:39 PM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

Darin Adcock, Chief Information Officer
Dowling Aaron

What we do: Dowling Aaron is a full-service law firm with locations in Fresno, Visalia and Bakersfield.

Education: Master’s Degree from Golden Gate Univ; Information Systems Degree from Fresno State.

Age: 43

Family: Single Dad with 3 beautiful kids: Matthew, Trinity and Isabella.


What are the duties of a chief information officer at a law firm such as Dowling Aaron, Darin?
Like many CIO’s or IT Directors in the area, I am responsible for many technologies including email, document management and security, spam and Web filter appliances, telecommunications and the ever-expanding field of mobile workers and devices.

What are some of the ways Dowling Aaron has incorporated technology into its practice?
We have been blessed to be featured in many national publications including the cover of the money section of USA Today earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal, BizTech Magazine and many others. Last week we were featured on CIO.com in the BYOD section on securing mobile devices with AirWatch and how we are working through the blending of personal devices in a corporate environment. For example, we are able to remotely lock and erase smart phones and laptops in the event that they become lost or stolen. When one of our attorneys had his car broken into and his iPhone stolen, we were able to instantly turn that phone into a brick by remotely wiping it clean of all data. We received the 2013 Technology ROI award from Nucleus Research due to our deployment of AirWatch and the 442% return we’ve seen in savings due to improved productivity and other savings not previously expected.

What does it mean to the firm to receive that level of national attention, Darin?
It’s fantastic. It allows our clients and potential clients to see that we take the steps necessary to protect their confidential client information and are thinking of ways to better protect and serve them. Personally, it’s been great to be invited as a speaker at InterOp Las Vega and LegalTech West Coast and be a finalist for an ISE (Information Security Executive) award that will be held this August in San Francisco.

Why is it vital for your firm to be at the forefront of technological advancements, Darin?
We always want to be one step ahead especially in regards to security. With mobility taking off a few years ago and not slowing down, that has been a focus since mobile devices can store so much information. They are traveling electronic briefcases.

What are some technological advances you foresee in the near future?
I see us moving to a Post-PC era where tablets and mobile devices become your one device. You dock when you get to work, but then take your tablet with you to continue work and support clients.

What are some things people might not know about your firm Dowling Aaron, Darin?
Dowling Aaron is full of wonderful people in all our locations. They do a lot of great events for employees like allowing us to shoot paintball guns at the attorneys on Staff Appreciation Day.

How are some of the ways Dowling Aaron is involved in the community?
Dowling Aaron is well represented in many different associations and has a heart for community. We support many local charities.

What are some of your most memorable experiences at Dowling Aaron, Darin?
Certainly the day the USA Today article hit the newsstands was an incredible day. The firm administrator and I drove down to Borders to get our first copy.

What was your first job growing up and what did you learn from it, Darin?
Delivering pizzas for Domino’s pizza was my first job. Thanks to the 30-minute guarantee, I learned how to work under pressure and improve my driving skills.

What do you like to do for fun in your spare time, Darin?
My “spare” time keeps me busy as well. I love gaming with my son and singing with my daughters. I lead worship a couple times a month at Clovis Hills Community Church and they love singing with Daddy. Working out at GB3 a few times per week helps me keep up with the kids and stay balanced.

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