published on August 12, 2022 - 1:33 PM
Written by Gordon Webster, Jr.

One of three remaining “job killer” bills had its teeth removed in Sacramento Thursday, affording California employers some small measure of relief from frivolous lawsuits — for the time being.

I’d previously written about the horror show that is SB 1162, proposed by Sen. Monique Limon (D-Goleta), which would authorize the publication of employer-reported pay data by sex, race, ethnicity and job category. It would have been published by individual company name, giving plaintiff’s attorneys ammo to sue based on data even the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission acknowledges is not a reliable measure of pay disparities for similarly situated employees. reported Friday that the publication component of the bill was stripped out in the Assembly Appropriations Committee — with the California Chamber of Commerce prepared to remove the “job killer” designation as a result.

Two other job killers, AB 2183 and SB 1044, remain in circulation. AB 2183 would eliminate secret ballot elections for agricultural employees to unionize and SB 1044 would allow employees to leave or refuse to show up to work if they feel unsafe.

Both must be defeated.

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