published on September 21, 2021 - 2:40 PM
Written by Gordon Webster, Jr.

The California Legislature recently wrapped up its session, sending three questionable bills to Gov. Newsom that would negatively impact businesses.

One is AB 616, identified by the California Chamber of Commerce as a job killer, which would limit an employee’s ability to independently and privately vote for unionization in the workplace by essentially eliminating a secret ballot.

Another job killer, SB 62, would harm non unionized employers in the garment industry by eliminating piece rate as a method of payment and expanding joint and several liability for wage violations to the entire supply chain.

Another bill — this one opposed by the CalChamber — is AB 1074, which would expand statutory contractor-retention policies to hotel services. The mandate to retain contractors could apply to booking systems, website disability-access programs, pool cleaning services, hotel advertising services (which offer special pricing), and every other potential service the guest interacts with, according to the CalChamber.

“AB 1074 would not help the lodging industry or people employed by it, but would increase operating costs, threaten small businesses, and represent a significant shift in how the law approaches service contracting,” according to the CalChamber.

Newsom has until Oct. 10 to sign, veto or ignore bills passed by the Legislature in the closing days of the session. Each of these bills deserve a veto.

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