Gordie Webster

published on August 6, 2021 - 1:13 PM
Written by Gordon Webster, Jr.

The California Chamber of Commerce and its allies are taking a well-deserved victory lap for ending the legislative sessions stopping 23 or the 25 job killer bills identified this year in Sacramento.

In total the CalChamber identified more than 130 bills introduced in this session that would have increased costs or imposed regulatory burdens on California employers at a crucial time in the Covid-19 recovery.

“Thanks to the efforts of the CalChamber and allied organizations, many of these onerous bills have been stopped for the year,” according to the CalChamber.

The bills that CalChamber and its allies have stopped run the gamut from labor and employment, workers’ compensation, tax increases, health care, environmental compliance, infrastructure, privacy & consumer protection and even recycling.

With a Democrat supermajority in Sacramento, now more than ever California’s employers need an advocate against the half-baked legislation that threatens the state’s economic recovery. CalChamber has taken on that role in a big way and deserves the gratitude of the state’s small business owners.

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