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Do you believe "quiet quitting" is a problem in your workplace?
91 votes

Do you support a proposal to install blood alcohol monitoring systems in every new car to reduce the number of deaths on highways?
200 votes

Do you support Prop. 30, the Lyft-sponsored tax on high earners to benefit climate measures?
193 votes

Should online and mobile sports betting in California be controlled by Indian tribes?
247 votes

Did Community Medical Centers board members steer resources to Clovis for their own benefit?
268 votes

Do you support Pres. Biden's plan to forgive $10,000 in student loan debt for borrowers earning less than $125,000?
517 votes

Should the Fresno City Council pass through $1M in state money for Planned Parenthood Mar Monte?
494 votes

Do you agree with a plan at Bullard High to restrict student access to their cell phones?
509 votes

Was the PGA right to suspend players involved with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf circuit?
415 votes

Should Fresno bars be able to serve alcohol until 4 a.m.?
586 votes

Do you support changing the name of Bulldog Stadium to Valley Children's Stadium?
661 votes

Do you think Fresno Council President Nelson Esparza should face a felony extortion charge?
504 votes

Do you agree with Gov. Newsom's tax rebate inflation relief plan?
509 votes

Does Fresno State have a chance for an invite to the Pac-12 athletic conference?
471 votes

Do you agree with Gov. Newsom's tax rebate inflation relief plan?
507 votes

Should the FDA reduce nicotine levels in cigarettes to curb addiction?
513 votes

Should Fresno sever ties with Advance Peace over security concerns?
441 votes

Is the U.S. headed toward a recession?
644 votes

Should a 30-year voter renewal for the Measure C transportation tax be delayed until 2024?
477 votes

Do you support a 15-year extension of Measure Z, the sales tax benefiting the Fresno Chaffee Zoo?
629 votes

Do you think Fresno City Council President Nelson Esparza attempted to extort City Attorney Doug Sloan?
685 votes

Have you or your family been affected by the baby formula shortage?
610 votes

Should nuclear power be a significant part of California's future energy mix?
698 votes

What do you think of Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter?
738 votes

Should the City of Fresno purchase the Tower Theatre?
799 votes

Should California employers move to a four-day work week?
892 votes

Do you agree with researchers at the Dallas Fed that a housing bubble is brewing?
713 votes

Should the City of Fresno move to block the sale of the Trails End Mobile Home Park?
619 votes

Did members of the Fresno City Council inappropriately use city-issued credit cards?
715 votes

In light of recent violence there, should Fresno's Fashion Fair ban gang members?
696 votes

Do you support Gov. Newsom's proposal to force some homeless people into treatment?
734 votes

Would you support legalized sports betting in California?
767 votes

Should the indoor mask mandate for schools be lifted in California?
936 votes

Should Spotify take action against Joe Rogan for presenting Covid misinformation on his podcast?
248 votes

Should Fresno State students get $500 a month under a proposed Universal Basic Income pilot project?
324 votes

Have you ordered Covid at-home tests from the government website covidtests.gov?
294 votes

Has your company sent people to work from home since the recent Omicron surge?
259 votes

Would you attend a Fresno Fuego game at Fresno State's soccer stadium?
306 votes

How did your stock fund(s) fare against the S&P 500 this year?
195 votes

What are your business's goals for 2022
159 votes

Is Amazon liable for deaths, injuries due to tornado at its Illinois distribution center?
263 votes

Do you agree with the new indoor mask requirement in California?
391 votes

Is there a chance Rep. Devin Nunes' CA 22 Congressional seat could flip to a Democrat?
332 votes

Should Fresno State rehire Jeff Tedford to coach the Bulldog football team?
324 votes

Should Fresno have a guaranteed basic income pilot program ($500 monthly for 200 families)?
416 votes

Should the name of Fresno County community Squaw Valley be changed?
493 votes

Should anything be done about alcohol sales at Bulldog Stadium?
541 votes

Should California require Covid vaccines for children to attend school?
823 votes

Do you support a Billionaire Wealth Tax targeting the 700 richest Americans?
725 votes

Would you support an exemption from California's gas lawn equipment ban for commercial landscapers?
714 votes

Should the City of Fresno be granted access to inspect, appraise the Tower Theatre?
628 votes

Are supply chain problems getting worse or better compared to six months ago?
665 votes

Which party would you blame if the US defaults on its national debt?
801 votes

Is an FBI investigation into possible corruption with the Fresno City Council warranted?
641 votes

Have you ever worked with a sociopath (antisocial behaviors, lack of conscience)?
548 votes

Do you think it's possible to fight and win against PG&E's proposed 22% rate increase from 2023-26?
639 votes

Do you believe drugs such as ivermectin are an effective treatment against Covid-19?
735 votes

Are you avoiding large, in-person events because of Covid concerns?
839 votes

Will an LA developer make good on plans to create an "entertainment destination" in Downtown Fresno?
631 votes

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Do you believe "quiet quitting" is a problem in your workplace?
91 votes

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