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published on July 6, 2023 - 11:29 AM
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The Central Valley’s assessed property values continued to rise in the last fiscal year, with Fresno County’s tax roll increasing for the 11th consecutive year.

The annual assessment roll is the inventory of all taxable property in each county that provides insight into the health of the real estate market.

Fresno County’s assessment roll — representing the assessed value of non-government-owned property —  grew by $7.2 billion over the prior year to $109.8 billion in total net value, an increase of 7% for fiscal 2023.

The roll consists of $104.8 billion in locally assessed properties and $5.05 billion in state assessed properties.

The county plans to use collected property taxes to help pay for vital public services such as public education, first responders, and public health as well as other County and municipal services, according to Fresno County Assessor Paul Dictos.

“Property taxes are the glue that allows local government to maintain civilization and keep our American way of life,” Dictos said.

Cities with the largest increases in assessed value from the prior year include Fowler at 17.45%, San Joaquin at 12.79%, Kingsburg at 10.96%, Kerman at 10.28%, Fresno at 7.84% and Clovis at 7.60%.

The assessment roll added 1,762 new parcels. Fresno County has a total of 304,551 real estate parcels and business assessments comprising 235,707 single-family homes, 16,168 commercial and industrial properties, 12,971 condominiums, 6,561 apartments, 7,158 manufactured homes and 25,986 agricultural properties.

Tulare County’s assessment roll grew by 6.7% over that last year, exceeding $47 billion.

After the deduction of property tax exemptions for homeowners, disabled veterans and charitable organizations, the net assessed value is $46 billion, up from $40.37 billion in 2022.

Kings County is currently going through final calculations, with the 2023-2024 tax roll to be posted in the near future.

Madera County has not posted its 2023-2024 assessment roll.

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