published on January 11, 2021 - 11:30 AM
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As the Covid-19 vaccine continues to be distributed sparingly, the Fresno County Department of Public Health has set aside 3,000 doses for workers in the food and ag industry.

Joe Prado, community health division manager for the Health Department, announced the decision on Friday. According to Prado, this comes as the department continues to build up its distribution system in an upward direction and they prepare to step up their dispersal of Covid-19 vaccines to rural areas.

“We know working with our rural areas and working with our food and ag population, it’s going to present its own logistical challenges,” Prado said. “So what we’re doing is set setting aside 3,000 doses for the food and ag group here — and we’re working with them to help them develop different models.”

The first of these models, Prado elaborated, would be onsite and working with an indoor facility — particularly one where a previous outbreak took place — to focus in on that group and provide vaccination where they’re working. A second indoor model that involves reserving time at a rural health clinic has also been proposed. Finally, a third model has also been put up for consideration would involve going out and meeting these employees, whether in a facility or outdoors.

Prado says they expect to hear back from the food and ag companies this week on the best-working plans. They hope to begin administration the week of Jan. 25.

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