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Walt Gonzales

published on February 22, 2013 - 9:09 PM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

Walt Gonzales, Owner
Synergy Personal Training

What we do:  Synergy Personal Training is a networking team of health and fitness trainers dedicated to serving our community. From lifestyle training to fitness conditioning, it is our objective to coach you through the process of adopting a mentally healthy and physically fit lifestyle. We currently have a team of 12 personal trainers and one massage therapist. Our facility offers free weights, cardio equipment, selectorized machines and an array of small apparatus.
Education: Fresno State, with a B.S. Degree in kinesiology
Age: 35
Family: I’m currently married to my high school sweetheart Erica Gonzales, going on 18 years together as a couple and 12 years married. We’re raising our beautiful two-year-old daughter Valory Renay with expectations of having another child in the near future.

How long have you lived in the Fresno area and how did you become involved in health and fitness, Walt?
Born and Raised in Fresno, I’ve grown committed to serving our community as a health and fitness professional. As a kinesiology graduate from Fresno State, I had intended on pursuing a career in physical therapy but found a calling on the proactive side of health and wellness as opposed to the reactive side of health care. While working as a personal trainer, I saw a lucrative opportunity that wasn’t being capitalized on here in Fresno within the personal training industry. With my given ability to lead, manage and groom trainers at the corporate gym level, I set out to open a facility dedicated to just personal training. Synergy Personal Training provides a private and personalized approach to an increasing demand for personal health and fitness.

Have you seen a growing interest in health and fitness in the Fresno area, Walt?
More so than ever — with an ever-increasing obesity problem in the United States — personal health care is in high demand. Synergy Personal Training accommodates and serves clientele of all different ages and ability levels. Our senior clients gravitate towards our functional training programs designed to optimize movement, physical function and increased vigor through the aging process. Dynamic training is a great way for active individuals to maximize human performance in both sports and a physically active lifestyle. No matter where you are in life, a personal training coach is the best investment you can make to optimize your personal fitness.

What is your key business strategy, Walt?
As the leader in the personal training industry in Fresno and the Valley, my unique competitive advantage is my genuine ability to live a passionate life for health and wellness and provide an environment to both trainers and clientele so that they too may live a life of health and wellness. I take the “personal” in personal training very serious and treat each individual as a unique set of goals and objectives. This unique care for others has been a corner stone for 10 years of success as a personal trainer.

What was the best advice you received, Walt?
“Shut up and Listen to your Business” John McCann.
I’ve had the utmost privilege of training John McCann for the last 7 years now. As a successful businessman himself, I’ve looked to him as my primary mentor for all of my personal and business strategies and decisions. My education and degree is in kinesiology, yet I’ve created and built a six-figure company at a relatively young age by listening to the failures and successes of the fabulous clientele I’ve had the privilege to work with.  

What kinds of exercise do you enjoy most, Walt? What are the greatest advantages of being physically fit?
For the most part, it’s not what we can do inside the gym that our clients care about. How we apply our physical training to our active lifestyles is the purpose for training with us at Synergy. Think of life as a sport and you are the athlete. Training for your specific lifestyle is what personal training is all about. As a recreational snow boarder and mountain biker, I physically train to meet the demands that I face most while enjoying my outdoor activities. Life’s a sport, train for it!

What do you like to do in your spare time, Walt?
Along with living a healthy and active lifestyle, I currently enjoy amateur photography and capturing moments of nature and activity in their element. Life is a game of balance; too serious and you miss out on some of the simple pleasures in life; too lackadaisical and a sedentary lifestyle creeps upon you. Balance, balance your exercise, eating habits, stresses, and play time. A healthy and well-balanced lifestyle is key to living a good life. Get up, get out and get active!

What was your first job, Walt?
At the age of 16 I worked as a disc jockey at Roller Towne our local roller rink. Passion for music and a way to make money for it inspired me to never want to “work” for a living. I now enjoy the luxury of living for a living.

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