Elizabeth Heng

Elizabeth Heng

published on August 16, 2018 - 12:16 PM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

Twitter is the latest social media platform to block a campaign video from Elizabeth Heng, who is challenging Jim Costa for his 16th Congressional District seat.

Heng’s video is about her background and her parents’ survival of the Cambodian genocide. The video features images of dead bodies in that context.

Facebook also blocked the video from its platform, but relented after the story became national news.

Twitter sent a message to Heng, according to a news release from her campaign, identifying the video as ineligible for advertising on the platform because it was deemed “offensive, vulgar, or obscene.” In a follow up message after a request for clarification from Heng, Twitter highlighted the word “obscene” in bold.

Twitter said it could “no longer assist or support any further requests” to restore the video, according to Heng.

“In the past few weeks Facebook and Twitter have been called out by conservatives for deliberately shutting down conservative voices as evidenced in multiple cases,” Heng said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the tech companies are holding the all of the power and have no apparent desire to correct biased censorship of their platforms. When I’m elected I’ll fight for internet transparency, so that every American has a chance to be heard.”

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