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published on July 16, 2019 - 3:56 PM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) released air-monitoring data indicating that most of the pesticides monitored in its network in 2018 were found below levels that indicate a health concern, but other data suggests a potential problem area in Parlier.

Data from a separate two-year study of the pesticide 1,3-dichloropene (1,3-D), a known carcinogen, shows air concentrations in Parlier in Fresno County may require further action. The pesticide is used to fight pests that attack a wide range of crops including almonds, grapes, strawberries and sweet potatoes.

“Air quality is fundamental for all Californians, and the latest data from DPR’s air monitoring network shows levels of agricultural pesticides in most communities that are well within our public health standards,” said Val Dolcini, acting DPR director. “In many cases, the amount of pesticide in the air was negligible, but our scientists will continue to use this data to help DPR develop plans to reduce the presence of 1,3-D in the future.”

In 2018, DPR, with assistance from the California Air Resources Board and the Santa Barbara County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office, monitored air concentrations of 31 pesticides and five pesticide breakdown products in eight agricultural communities, including San Joaquin in Fresno County and Lindsay in Tulare County.

DPR also conducted the two-year air monitoring study of 1,3-D in Parlier and Delhi in Merced County. The measured air concentrations in Parlier exceeded DPR’s screening levels, and indicate that more mitigation is needed to reduce the exposures of this pesticide.

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