published on March 8, 2013 - 8:59 PM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

Mandy Critchley, Owner
MC Solutions

What we do:
MC Solutions is a complete full-service marketing and communications company with extensive experience in business development and online marketing tools. We specialize in website design, smart phone app development, social media, custom qr codes and graphic design.

B.S. Degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in ag business with an emphasis in marketing & sales

Age: 34

Wonderful husband Scott and two beautiful daughters — Madison (2 years) and Hailey (6 months).

How did you first get involved in the technology, marketing and communications fields, Mandy?

I worked as an independent contractor selling print advertising for a local agricultural publication company. Each client or potential client I asked about putting their website address on their print ad didn’t have a website or thought their website was terrible. This became evident to me that there was a tremendous opportunity to take a small print ad to the next level by helping these clients have an online marketing presence that could tell their story, showcase their products and services, help them be found by their potential clients, highlight photos and videos as selling tools and many other aspects of having a website that would help their business thrive, or in some cases, survive. It has been a very rewarding experience to cultivate relationships with clients and be fortunate enough to gain their trust and confidence.

Who are some of the companies you have done work for that our readers may recognize, Mandy?

Fresno Chaffee Zoo, Fresno Lexus, River Park Shopping Center, J.D. Heiskell & Company and Valley PBS – Foggy Day APP

Is the majority of your clients local or outside the Valley, Mandy?

The majority of our clients are local; we pride ourselves on the ability to work with local businesses and organizations to assist each of them to be successful. This relates to my company tagline “We Help Our Clients Build Their Business Online.” We have the privilege to help companies reach more people and sell more of their product or service with cost effective strategies. When I started MC Solutions, it was my hope that this would be the ripple effect I could have for our local communities. If I could help businesses and organizations be successful locally, that would translate into the region being successful and economically viable.

Do you feel the technology market is continuing to expand, Mandy?

APPsolutely!  I feel that the technology market is one of the fastest growing industries currently. With the flexibility of online marketing tools along with the transparency of trackability allows us to illustrate return on investment to our clients. That is the beauty of my company and the online marketing industry is that no matter what product or service a client is trying to sell, we can help them in some way, shape, or form with one of our diverse online marketing tools. Online marketing tools continue to change rapidly which makes it challenging to stay ahead of the curve with technological recommendations.

What are some things you would like potential clients to have prepared when you are looking to do business, Mandy?

I want all potential clients to be prepared to communicate their needs, goals, strengths, weaknesses and to be ready to have fun. The more I know about a client’s needs, products, services and business allows me to give more accurate and creative marketing recommendations. Having candid conversations about who they are and where they want to go are necessary to be successful.

Are there any unique benefits your company has enjoyed from being located in the Central Valley, Mandy?

Definitely the opportunity to work with a variety of companies; most are family owned and operated. There are so many businesses in the Central Valley that are the best kept secrets until we are able to help them broadcast who they are with online marketing tools.  So many of these businesses have rich histories, generations of knowledge and expertise, great products or services to offer and are many times hesitant to tell their story. They allow us the chance to help do this.

What are some things people might not know about MC Solutions, Mandy?

We don’t have a brick & mortar location and the majority of our team is women.

What was your first job growing up and what did you learn from it?

One of my first summer internships was working for Westfalia Surge for the marketing department. Part of my summer duties included working on new dairy job sites and learning how to pull wire and connect the wiring for the milking units. I learned the importance of hard work, dedication, don’t’ let the hot summer heat get to you, wear a ballcap, and just be one of the guys. By the end of the summer, my fingertips were blistered and calloused from twisting wire nuts on the end of groups of wires to keep them together. Experiences with this internship illustrated to me that now as a business owner, that it is critical to know everything about your business and industry from the ground up.  Every part of what it takes to complete a project is critical, regardless of how big or small.

What do you like to do for fun in your spare time, Mandy?

Spend time with my husband, daughters, family and friends.  I enjoy sports (water skiing, water polo, snow skiing), traveling, experiencing different cultures and shopping.

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