published on March 10, 2021 - 1:25 PM
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Together Toward Health and the Fresno County Department of Public Health are partnering with community based organizations for Covid-19 education and outreach in rural communities, awarding a total of $400,000 to five community organizations to promote their efforts.  

Together Toward Health, a Covid-19 equity initiative project under the Public Health Institute, is helping educate rural communities in Fresno County.  

Susan Watson, program director for the Covid-19 equity initiative, said the organizations will be able to use funding through the middle of November.  

Watson said Together Toward Health is working to get resources to community organizations “who are trusted messengers, working within community in a culturally and linguistically appropriate way to make sure that people know about Covid, how to protect themselves, know about vaccines and where to go.”

Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, Stone Soup of Fresno, Cultiva La Salud, Westside Family Preservation Services Network, and Education and Leadership Foundation will each benefit from the funds.  

“They’re already underway doing great work, and we’re excited to see what continues to help keep Fresno moving forward at the pace it’s going,” Watson said.

Together Toward Health identified these organizations in collaboration with Fresno County. The partnership aligns with the same goal to reach rural communities.

“This is just the kind of partnership that really does impact lives, and saves lives, and has real world impact,” said Dr. Rais Vohra, interim health officer for Fresno County.

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