published on October 18, 2013 - 12:56 AM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

Jennifer Elizondo Speck, Vice President

Speck Media Inc.

What we do:  Design, print, branding, promotional items, campaign management (email and social media), technology business tools (website development and hosting), photography, signage, distribution & ad placement and fulfillment 

Education:  Bachelor of Arts in English and Economics from Bellarmine University, Kentucky 

Age:  44 

Family:  I’m from Louisville, Kentucky where my family still lives; but in Fresno, my family is my circle of amazing friends.

What is the story behind Speck Media, Jennifer?  

Tom Speck and I created Speck Media in 2011 as we noticed a clear trend with our customers needing assistance in specific areas. We weren’t specializing in those areas at the time although we did work peripherally with them. Thus, Speck Media was born. We started with 3 employees and have now grown to 8.   

How do you convince clients they should be investing in their marketing presence, Jennifer?

Truly, we don’t convince, we listen. We visit, ask some pointed questions about what they want to achieve and then work together as a team to come up with the best solution. We’d like to think many of our ideas are unique and offer a cost savings. In a changing economy, we can show clear financial benefits for investing in marketing tools and services. 

How is technology changing the way you do business for your clients, Jennifer?

We are able to respond to our customers more quickly due to recent advances in technology.  Social Media is an extremely important online tool that many don’t understand how to use to further their businesses and that’s where we come in.  With just a click of a button, you can instantly reach your target audience, no matter where they are, and they in turn can respond quickly, which could result in a sale. Another clear trend is that we are doing less print work and more through digital products.   

I understand you are an ambassador for the Fresno Chamber. What does that entail, Jennifer?

As an Ambassador, I’ve made a time commitment to attend a monthly luncheon, a mixer and at least two+ ribbon cuttings a month.  Philosophically it means so much more as I act as a steward for the city and its business people by supporting new business growth in Fresno.  It has also offered me a great opportunity to build relationships with my fellow Ambassadors who are extremely generous in sharing leads and offering support. 

Tell us about the Elbow Room mural, Jennifer.  

With the Elbow Room’s remodel, they decided to update the murals and have created one they are calling Fresno’s “Young Guns.”  I was very flattered they asked me to participate.   

What was the best advice you ever received, Jennifer?

My granny would always yell to me, “Don’t Walk on the Grass,” admonishing me for running in other people’s yards.  Silly on the surface but that was really my first lesson on respect: You always treat people well no matter what. 

What are your roots in the Central Valley, Jennifer?

As I had mentioned, my family is from Louisville but I’ve been in Fresno now for 16 years and this is my home.  I love spending time with my friends and their families.  I’m also a big fan of the Fresno Art Museum and do all that I can to spread the word on what a valuable gem it is for Fresno. 

What was your very first job and what did you learn from it, Jennifer?

My first job was a hostess for a restaurant called The Feed Store.  I was 15 and it was right across from my high school. I could walk to work.  I immediately set my sights on being promoted to a waitress position even though you had to be 18. It cemented in me the drive to be successful and the ability to work hard to reach any goal I set my mind to. I’ve never waivered in that. 

What do you do on your spare time, Jennifer?

Although I have no children, I do have Bella my 6+ lb teacup yorkie who is the love of my life and my instant de-stresser. I also love to work out and am an avid reader. 

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