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Jamie Brisco

published on November 22, 2013 - 12:38 AM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

Jamie Brisco, Owner
Dale Brisco, Inc.

What we do: Dale Brisco Inc. is an industrial metal fabrication company that caters to several different industries. Our specialties include piping, ducting, material conveying and dust collection systems as well as laser cutting, welding, precision fabrication and powder coating.


Education: Kings River community, Fresno City, and university Of Phoenix psychology.

Age: 51

Family: Wife Cheryl (Married 22 years) 4 wonderful children Cody (21) Krichele (20) Blake (18) and Anne (10).

What is the history of Dale Brisco, Inc., Jamie?

The company was started by my father Dale Brisco in 1967. We catered 100% to the cotton ginning industry. In the early 60’s and 70’s there were over 250 operational Gins today there are 23. We have learned how to adapt and diversify in this changing economy to meet the requirements of valley industries. Our philosophy is to embrace change.

How is business these days, Jamie?

Our business is moving forward adapting to various changes. Throughout the last 10 years we developed several different industries, continuing to cater to cotton gins, but also developing the almond hulling industries, precision manufacturing, and the construction industries. To me it’s all about manufacturing. Supplying what the customer needs to help make them successful.

What is in the future for Dale Brisco, Inc., Jamie?

Our company will continue to grow and seek out different industries and customers. One thing about business is you have to learn how to adapt. Our team understands this concept and they do a wonderful job of supporting the company in this effort. In the old days we cut everything with a hand torch or unishear. Today everything is C.N.C. Our laser machines, press brakes, computer aided drafting. Technology changes at a rapid pace we have integrated our company with state of the art equipment to met the challenges of the 21st century.

You pitched for the Milwaukee Brewers organization from 1986 to 1989. That’s a level few ballplayers ever reach. Please tell us about the experience, Jamie.

Of course it was a wonderful experience at that age, traveling around the country competing, I always loved the competition. I remember showing up at spring training and the manager asked all the pitchers to step to one side, about a hundred guys stepped to the side it was very competitive. One hundred pitchers competing for only a few positions. Sounds similar to business.

Who are some of the noteworthy players you pitched against or played with, Jamie?

Gary Sheffield, Greg Vaughn, Joe Magrane, Todd Worrel, Matt Williams of course were going back along ways; this was in the early 80’s.

Did your professional baseball experience inform your business philosophy, Jamie?

Absolutely. I learned about being competitive, and how to get along with people. Running a business is a team effort. Put the best players on the field and you have a good chance of succeeding. I was a pitcher, I learned very quickly I can’t do it by myself; I need support from my organization. Everyone in the organization has to work together to make it work. I have great members on our team; they are really the guys who help make Dale Brisco Inc. successful.

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