published on February 5, 2016 - 12:37 AM
Written by Gabriel Dillard
When you sit down to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, don’t miss the Jaguar among the Broncos and Panthers.

Haron Jaguar Land Rover will air its Downtown Fresno-centric commercial during the CBS Super Bowl 50 telecast in in the last bank of spots before halftime, said Randy Haron, Haron Jaguar owner.

The 30-second commercial was whittled down from the original 60-second spot that first started airing locally last year. It features a sleek new Jaguar cruising around downtown landmarks including the old Fresno Met building, the now-closed Tuolumne Street bridge and Warnors Theatre.

More than promoting Haron Jaguar, which has been a downtown fixture since 1945, the commercial also seeks to hoist Fresno above its reputation as a punch line — a view held by outsiders and, all-too-commonly, residents.

“This city is not about flashing lights and high-rise towers. There’s more to it than that,” says the commercial’s voiceover. “This city is about commitment. This is Downtown Fresno, and this is the brand that defines it.”

John Ostlund, owner of the Fulton Group agency that produced the ad, roughly estimates as many as 400,000 viewers from Modesto to Bakersfield may see the commercial on Sunday.

“We think the commercial really speaks for itself,” Ostlund said. “It’s about the pride we feel in Fresno.”

Of course, the Super Bowl as a viewing experience has evolved to a point where the commercials are as highly anticipated as the big game.  And most people know Super Bowl airtime doesn’t come cheap. In fact, 30 seconds during Super Bowl 50 on Sunday is estimated to run national advertisers about $5 million, or an average of $166,666 per second.

Ostlund was coy about the price to air the commercial in our region when quizzed this morning, emphasizing two important life lessons he has learned in his long media career.

“You never want them to see you sweat,” Ostlund said. “And you never kiss and tell.”

Haron said he was constrained by a confidentiality agreement to reveal the cost, but he did say it is “extremely expensive.”

But to Haron, the cost is worth it to not only promote his dealership but inject some pride into his hometown.

“We wanted to put the spot out there so the people of Fresno can be proud of the town we are, from the highest visible platform,” Haron said.

It doesn’t get any bigger than the Super Bowl.

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