published on February 4, 2016 - 4:35 AM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

As a resource for staff to help reduce blight in older neighborhoods, the City of Fresno Office of Development and Resource Management has placed its new Vacant/Blighted Property Registry on the City’s website.

Fresno City Council passed the Blighted and Vacant Building Ordinance in June of 2015, which mandated the development of the registry.

“This registry is an important part of the City’s new Vacant, Blighted Property ordinance,” Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin said, “Maintaining a list of vacant properties allows City staff to immediately reach a property owner if they encounter a problem on their site, and it allows the City to keep a closer eye on properties that are in jeopardy of falling into disrepair and affecting the surrounding neighborhood.”

All buildings that are expected to be vacant for longer than 30 days should be registered with the City, at no cost to the owner, with the information available to city staff and the property owners.

The registration includes the identity of all record owners, the street address of the vacant building and a local contact. The information will be maintained only for internal use by City staff.

Vacant properties that are not registered by April 2016 will be subject to an administrative citation of $250 per month.

The registry, as well as other information, is available on the Code Enforcement section of the City’s website at

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