published on January 3, 2017 - 5:41 AM
Written by The Business Journal Staff
The Fresno Chamber of Commerce has released its annual Legislative Report Card for elected officials on the local and state level.


The Chamber’s Government Affairs Council scored the officials for their votes on issues related to business. For the Fresno City Council, these included nine votes such as Lee Brand’s Economic Expansion Act, a development impact fee waiver for commercial buildings, a $250,000 deposit to secure rights to purchase land needed for a high-speed rail heavy maintenance facility and a project labor agreement tied to a $70 million Transformative Climate Communities grant from the state.

Council members Lee Brand, Steve Brandau, Paul Caprioglio, Clint Olivier and Esmeralda Soria each scored 88 percent in the Fresno Legislative Report Card, while Oliver Baines and Sal Quintero scored 75 percent.

On the state level, the chamber scored the Sacramento legislature on 115 issues, only a handful of which made it to a vote. These include overtime for ag workers, indoor heat regulations, a flex work week and a state-run retirement savings program.

Senator Andy Vidak and Assemblymember Jim Patterson carried perfect 100-percent scores from the chamber, while Senator Tom Berryhill scored 88 percent and Senator Anthony Cannella scored 82 percent.

Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula had a 44 percent score, though the chamber noted that Arambula was a member for just 16 of the votes.

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