Cassidy Jakovickas.

published on August 16, 2019 - 9:09 AM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

PRESIDENT & CEO MBS Accountancy Corp

Education: A Bachelor of Science in business administration – accountancy from Fresno State | Age: 35 |  Family: Married 11 years to wife Mary. We have three children: Katie (9), J.R. (5), and James (3).

What we do:

We offer strategic tax planning and outsourced accounting services to established businesses and nonprofits. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies and automating our routine workflows allows us to guide client conversations toward collaborating to improve their company’s financial health. In short, we focus on your company’s future and collaborate with you to achieve your company’s financial goals.

Tell us a little about your career. 

After graduating from Fresno State, I worked at Deloitte, performing financial statement audits for private and publicly traded companies. I then shifted gears and worked with some local accounting firms, providing accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses. After three years of gaining valuable experience, I was ready to open my firm, MBS Accountancy. 

What attracted you to your field? 

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and accounting is a great way to work with some smart business owners. I love talking with them about their successes and failures and helping them solve problems.

What’s the story behind MBS Accountancy? 

I, along with Arthur Moye, founded MBS Accountancy. We had worked together at Deloitte and another local accounting firm, and we decided to “strike out on our own.” Through strategic networking and focused digital marketing efforts, we grew the business from scratch and have appeared in The Business Journal’s fastest-growing company list several times. In 2017, Arthur moved into a full-time role as CEO of Full Circle Brewing Company, a company we had purchased together along with other investors in 2016.  I am proud to continue the work we both started as president and sole owner MBS. The incorporation of technology into our workflows has dramatically improved our firm’s efficiency and allows us to focus on enhancing our clients’ satisfaction and financial position.

What kind of questions should business owners ask when they are looking for accountancy services?  

After ascertaining their skill and experience, business owners should determine whether the accountant shares their values and is collaborative. The client-accountant relationship is, like any other relationship, built on trust and mutual respect. This is impossible if the two parties are heading in opposite directions.

What are some common bookkeeping pitfalls that business owners face?  

The No. 1 pitfall for business owners is not keeping up with their accounting. We can all relate to how busy running a business can be, and it’s way more fun to focus on sales or operations rather than accounting. The bulk of MBS’s annual revenue comes from providing fully outsourced accounting solutions as clients engage us to handle their accounting so they can focus on what they enjoy. 

We also see many businesses owners that manage their own books or have an internal accounting department using antiquated accounting software or processes. The accounting industry is changing faster than ever for small to medium sized businesses, and tools like QuickBooks Online,, Expensify, and ReceiptBank are all built to make the accounting function more efficient and less manual.

How do you keep on top of changes to the tax code?  

As a CPA, I’m required to complete continuing education each year to maintain an active license. On top of that, we subscribe to research tools to help us solve complex tax issues. The team is constantly learning and adapting so we can put our clients in the best possible position.

What importance does your Downtown Fresno location have for the company?

We moved our company to Downtown Fresno in April of 2016. Downtown has great restaurants, cool buildings and a good vibe. Our firm is fully digital, which means we can support our clients from anywhere so our location has become less important over the years and as we’ve grown. However, it’s exciting to see people giving Downtown a chance. There’s a lot of momentum right now.

I always have time for:  

On the business side, I always have time for coffee, lunch, or happy hour. For me, relationships are everything in business, and you never know what you might learn unless you show up and connect. 

On the personal side, I always have time for the kids. Life is full right now for my wife and me, but we’ve made a commitment to stay tuned into our little ones.

I have no patience for:  

I have no patience for referral and client business relationships where there’s not mutual value and trust.  We’ve worked hard to build a client base and network of special people that we want to see succeed.  If it’s clear that trust or value is missing on either side, we have the tough conversation.  

What are your roots in the Central Valley? 

I came to Fresno in August 2004 as a transfer to Fresno State from a junior college in Monterey. I questioned that decision for the first couple weeks as I adapted to the Fresno heat, but 15 years later, Fresno is undeniably home. We’re in our forever home, we love our kids’ school district, and we’re going to keep growing and investing into MBS.

What was your very first job and what did you learn from it?

My first real job was working in a deli across the street from my house in Monterey in the 7th grade. The biggest lesson I learned is that I like to work (I haven’t stopped working since then) and I like the rewards that come from working. Every business owner has their own unique characteristic that makes them tick, and mine is persistence and consistency.

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Ha spare time, what’s that?! My wife and I are at that crazy stage of life where the kids are young and involved in sports, and we’re trying to grow the business, so it feels like we’re flat out all the time. When I can catch a break though, I read, bike ride or walk with the family, and try to stay active.

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