published on March 4, 2016 - 3:23 AM
Written by Gordon Webster, Jr.

There’s one less tax measure to worry about on what is shaping up to be a crowded November ballot.

Proponents of a tax hike on commercial property to fund poverty reduction programs have called off their efforts to place it on a ballot this year, reported the California Chamber of Commerce.

The reason: There are already too many revenue-raising measures on the ballot, proponent Conway Collis — a former Board of Equalization member — told The Sacramento Bee.

Supporters of the measure would rather qualify early for a later ballot.

Allan Zaremberg, president and CEO of the CalChamber, responded with what many commercial property owners probably feel.

“That’s one less new tax to worry about for now,” Zaremberg said.

Th measure would create a 1-percent tax on targeted properties to fund state tax credits as well as health and education programs, which is an inappropriate use of property taxes which have traditionally been used to fund local government services.

This isn’t the first so-called “split roll” property tax measure that has been proposed in California. In fact, in the last five years the Legislature has introduced three bills that would have created different tax schemes for residential and commercial property.

It likely won’t be the last, so be sure to let your elected officials in Sacramento know that you won’t stand for measures that threaten the local economy or cut into funding for police, fire, special districts and other programs.

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