published on April 22, 2016 - 1:51 AM
Written by Gordon Webster, Jr.

Sacramento legislators have moved forward on a job-killer bill that would subject employers to penalties for changing an employee’s schedule with less than seven days notice.

The bill, SB 878 by Chino Democrat Connie Leyva, passed the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee on April 13. It would mandate employers in the retail, restaurant or grocery industry to provide employees with a 21-day work schedule that must be given to employee at least seven days before the first scheduled shift.

As pointed out by officials at the California Chamber of Commerce, this bill provides predictability to employees at the detriment of flexibility for the employer. It can also shortchange employees who request last-minute schedule changes, as the threat of litigation and penalties is too high for employees not to comply.

One of the scary things about the bill is that it would apply to employers of all sizes.

San Francisco enacted a similar ordinance last year that requires two-week notice of a schedule change. The result has been an unwillingness for employers to change schedules once posted, and employees who have requested extra work are not being accommodated.

This is the kind of bill that completely discounts the needs of business owners in California.

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