17 May

Alan Rurik

published on May 17, 2013 - 7:33 PM
Written by The Business Journal Staff

Alan Rurik, Owner
Mohr-Rurik Capital Group

What you do:
I am co-founder and principal of Mohr-Rurik Capital Group. The Capital Group is engaged primarily in the commercial mortgage banking and lending business throughout Central California and the Western U.S. The Capital Group represents various local and national institutional lenders and has fostered significant investment in the Central California region.  

I am an entrepreneur at heart and joined Gerald Mohr at Union Bank in 1992 before founding the Capital Group in 1995. I have since coordinated in excess of $5 billion in finance transactions including construction, acquisition and permanent debt for commercial & multi-family projects. I am also a loan-closing specialist and administer a significant servicing portfolio.

I attended Fresno State, graduating in 1989 with a degree in business administration that included a concentration in marketing, law and ethics.  After receiving the undergraduate degree I continued my education at Santa Clara University, obtaining a Masters Degree and graduating with honors in 1992 with an emphasis on finance and strategic gaming.


Two daughters, ages 9 and 6. I was born in Chicago, but moved to Fresno at a young age with my family as my father established his medical practice in the region.

What do you like most about your job, Alan?
Each day brings a new challenges and new adventures.  Every piece of commercial real estate is unique as are the personalities of the owner-investor-developers.  Thus, there is no routine element involved in commercial real estate finance. The mix of customer relations along with intricate loan processing offers ever changing ways to deliver financing products suited for each individual and property.

What is different your mortgage brokerage service, Alan?
The basic objective of Mohr-Rurik Capital Group, Inc. is to be a leading member of the mortgage banking industry by providing — through integrity, confidentiality and trust — the highest quality lending programs, servicing platform and professional service to our clients. Long-term relationships are a key component to our 20-plus year history.
At Mohr-Rurik Capital Group, Inc., the goal is to develop lasting relationships, deliver financing strategies uniquely tailored to each client’s needs and eliminate risk of loss to our investors and institutional lenders through flexible financing programs. We aim for a “zero-loss” investment record.
In the height of the recession, business production levels rapidly fell in concert with the general health of real estate fundamentals. However, there has been a dramatic revival and improved attitudes within the real estate community. Our survival in a tough economy is credited to strong relationships and the mindset that crisis creates opportunities in assisting clients, all the while maintaining a lean corporate overhead.

What is your key business strategy, Alan?
To seek opportunity, especially in times of crisis.  To deliver exactly what was promised by keeping a sharp focus on the details.

What was the best business advice you received, Alan?
My second and third grade teacher, Hank Brown, had a significant impact on me. He taught me that it is okay to follow your dreams and not conform to traditional activities and roles. In other words, to “color outside of the lines.” He also implanted the value discipline and lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

What was your first job, Alan?
At 14 years-old, I launched an entertainment/DJ business. With the help of a few older friends who were old enough to drive, we began disc jockeying for school dances, wedding receptions and other events. The company expanded through the 1980s and by the time it wound down in the early 90s, the company had provided entertainment for over 2,400 wedding receptions.

What do you do in your spare time, Alan?
I have been an active triathlete and marathoner in the community and actively supporting various fitness teams and organizations. I have participated in over half a dozen Ironman Triathlons and competed several times a year at various endurance events throughout the Western U.S.

How does your business give back to the community it serves, Alan?
We actively support various athletic teams and organizations, especially if it involves kids.

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