published on March 1, 2017 - 5:12 PM
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Local tech guru and Bitwise co-CEO Irma Olguin, Jr., has announced a successor to take over at 59DaysOfCode, a developer competition and nonprofit she founded in 2009.


Each year from 2010 to 2014, 59DaysOfCode hosted the annual software development competition, proving that many great technologists call the Central Valley home and that a thriving tech industry would be sustainable here.

After a two-year hiatus, the organization announced Feb. 22 that the organization was returning this year. Now, Olguin has named Rebecca Miller as the new leader of 59DaysOfCode, in the role of executive director.

Miller has a background in economic development and has worked for the Fresno Community Development Financial Institution and Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission. She has also served in the Peace Corps.  

“Our geek community is so generous and so involved and so motivated to give back to the places and people and things that are important to us,” Miller said in a statement. “59DaysOfCode is the way to organize all that passion.”

Olguin penned the following letter announcing the transition on the 59DaysOfCode website:

“In 2009 the first mention of 59DayOfCode was made, but at the time it was a challenge from a local CEO to me to prove you guys existed. You see, the belief was, eight years ago, that the San Joaquin Valley had neither the resources nor the talent to sustain technology business in any meaningful capacity. This belief was proven false.

“From 2010 and over the subsequent five years, 59DaysOfCode would double in size and scope over and over and over again. By the third year, it was clear that the competition, and the nonprofit that formed from it, would outgrow the abilities of an indignant young nerd and the help she could round up. 59DaysOfCode demanded a real grown-up approach if it were to continue to grow, change and impact the Valley in a positive way.

“Therefore, it is my honor and pleasure to formally hand over the reins to Rebecca Miller and her formidable team to continue to engineer the experience of this wild ride. The competition, the community, and the code have far exceeded my expectations. Let’s endeavor now to exceed hers.”

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